About Miranda


I am from Jackson, MI and currently live in Grand Rapids. I have been doing Freelance Graphic Design since 2012 and have my degree in Graphic Communications. Aside from that, I started doing Freelance Photography in 2015. I love to dabble in all things creative; acrylic paint, alcohol markers, woodburning, resin, oil pastels etc.

Growing up, art was always in my life. I never knew what I wanted to be when I got older and I honestly didn’t think I would end up choosing a career path in the art field. Photography was my first big interest but when I was 12, I was asked to design logos for a company. Before that experience, I never thought about graphic design. 

In high school, a teacher pushed me to pursue my hobby of Photography. She introduced me to the Capital Area Career Center and its New Media Program. I went into that with a focus of Photography. I attended the program for 2 years and while I was there I fell in love with Graphic Design and Photography even more.

Aside from all the freelance Photography I've done for seniors, musicians, families, etc. I worked at a professional portrait studio in 2017 and even did some product photography for MACkite of Grand Haven in 2016. I used to take pictures at The Loft in Lansing and I interned at PictureThis in Jackson in 2019.


I work with a lot of various bands taking photos and doing freelance graphics. From album covers and logos to posters to promote their shows, they tend to keep me fairly busy in my free time. They have allowed me to explore my creativity which led me into learning film on my own and creating music videos for them.